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We believe that owning a beautiful handmade rug should be an experience that brings joy, beauty and comfort to your surroundings. Charlotte Rug Gallery has a highly experienced staff that has been primarily focused on providing all type of custom services for the past twenty seven years.


Handmade rugs are generally woven of wool, cotton, silk and sometimes synthetic fibers dyed in either natural or chemical dyes. To restore the freshness and cleanliness of your rug, we use water and shampoo as well as certain other natural and chemical solutions for treatment of stains. Though it might sound simple, we strongly recommend that this process should be left to professionals with experience in this field in order to avoid unwanted results.


The art of restoring a handmade rug is one to be reckoned with. In fact, restoring a rug is actually more difficult than making it from scratch. The best repair job is one that is essentially invisible . We are particularly pleased to employ the best repair artisans in the business, fully capable of restoring all types of handmade rugs.

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